We are experienced in manufacturing labels to meet your wet application…even if that means you need something water resistant, waterproof, or something more. We have designed and manufactured labels for some of the hardest wet and underwater environments including pool equipment, submerged pool lighting, and BS5609 compliant applications.

When it comes to durable waterproof labels, we are well versed in synthetic stocks and adhesives, and would be happy to work with you through the design and specification process. Just know that even if the temperature requirements turn cold, and your labels need to be applied in frosty or refrigerator environments, we have the custom labels you need. At Coast Label, we have the experience manufacturing durable labels that can be applied at or withstand cold temperatures.

We can produce labels as specific as your needs and as custom as your designs. Whether you need roll labels, stacks of water-resistant laser labels, or custom cut materials for your thermal transfer printer. Ready to get started? Contact us here to request a proposal.