If you’re looking for an easy labeling solution to increase security or deter theft, destructible labels are a versatile option. Whether you need them for show tampering or prevent counterfeiting, destructible labels come with tons of benefits. 

Custom Destructible Labels

Protect your brand and your assets with custom destructible labels from Coast Label. With our state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality materials, we can create custom destructible labels that fit your unique needs. 

Here are some of the ways we can customize your destructible labels: 

  • Shape: Choose from a variety of shapes–including unique shapes fit to tight tolerances
  • Size: Choose from standard sizes or more unique dimensions
  • Use: Choose destructible labels made for various uses–such as tamper-evident, void patterns, security tape, and more

We can customize your destructible labels as much as you need. We’ll work with you one-on-one to design a custom-destructible label to fit your needs.

What Are Destructible Labels?

Destructible labels are a type of security label that breaks apart or disintegrates when someone tries to remove them. This design deters unauthorized removal and shows any sort of tampering. 

These labels are made from fragile materials that tear easily, like vinyl, thin films, or specialized paper. These delicate materials are paired with a strong adhesive that bonds tightly to the surface they’re applied to. This makes it so the destructible label cannot be removed without damage to the label, making tampering very apparent.


Destructible labels are a simple way to enhance security, deter theft, and prevent tampering. Here are the main benefits of custom destructible labels: 

  • Tamper evident: Because these labels break apart when someone tries to remove the label, they clearly show evidence of tampering. 
  • Enhanced security: Destructible labels are very difficult to remove. This deters theft and unauthorized access.
  • Counterfeit prevention: Since they are hard to copy or transfer, these labels make counterfeiting more difficult. 
  • Customizable: Custom destructible labels can be tailored however you need, whether that’s specific designs, serial numbers, barcodes, or company logos. 
  • Compliance: Some industries, like pharmaceuticals, have regulations that require tamper-evident features. These labels help your business comply with these regulations. 
  • Deter tampering: These labels act as a deterrent from unauthorized tampering. 
  • Durable: Although they destruct when removed, these labels can be engineered to last through extreme conditions, like exposure to UV light, moisture, and temperature extremes. 
Destructible Labels

Different Types

Destructible labels can be designed in a variety of ways, depending on what you need. Here are some common types of destructible labels we manufacture:

  • Void labels: These labels leave behind a residue that spells out “VOID” or another message when removed. 
  • Destructible vinyl: These labels are made from a very fragile vinyl that disintegrates into tiny pieces when removed. 
  • Tamper-evident labels: These labels are designed to show clear evidence of tampering. They might split, tear, or leave a noticeable mark when removed. 
  • Holographic destructible labels: These labels combine tamper-evident properties with holographic imaging for added security and visual appeal. They’re commonly used on high-value goods and luxury items to prevent counterfeiting.
  • Security tape labels: These labels come in the form of tapes that, when removed, leave behind a clear message. 

Best Uses

  • Security seals: Destructible labels can be used as a security seal on consumer goods. This ensures the product hasn’t been opened or tampered with before purchase.
  • Warranty seals: When applied to electronics or equipment, these labels void the warranty if the label is broken or removed. This ensures that no unauthorized person has tried to access internal components. 
  • Asset tracking: Companies rely on these labels for their asset tags. They deter theft of company assets, such as laptops, computers, or equipment, because they are so difficult to remove. 
  • Evidence tags: Law enforcement and forensic teams use these labels to secure evidence and prevent tampering. 

When Not to Use Them

While these labels offer many security benefits, they may not always be the right choice for you. Here are some instances when you should not use destructible labels: 

  • Rough surfaces: These labels may not adhere well to uneven, rough, or highly textured surfaces, which means they won’t be as effective. 
  • Temporary security needs: Destructible labels are intended for permanent security applications. For temporary needs, a reusable or removable label may be more suitable.
  • Sensitive surfaces: These labels use strong adhesives. Because of this, they may damage delicate surfaces of fragile items. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a simple way to secure products or equipment, destructible labels are an excellent option. For all your custom-destructible label needs, Coast Label is here to help. Contact us for a proposal today!

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