Benefits of Polyester Labels

Our custom polyester labels protect against water, are weatherproof, and more! In fact, they’re so durable that they don’t tear, peel, or smear because they’re designed to be extremely long-lasting and take on even the roughest conditions.

We specialize in the production of custom polyester labels. As a high-performance manufacturer, polyester is one of the most commonly used label materials at our company. Due to its high tensile and tear strength, chemical resistance, as well as dimensional stability, this is a perfect material for your wide-ranging durable applications. Paired with an appropriate adhesive, the service temperature ranges for polyester labels can often handle -40ºF to 300º F.

Custom Polyester Labels

Custom Polyester Label Uses

Custom polyester labels are so durable that they’re ideal for many different indoor and outdoor situations including:

  • Tough environments that include a lot of moisture or liquids
  • Areas where they’re be scratched a lot as they’re scratch-resistant
  • Great for agriculture, chemical drums, industrial, and more
  • Terrific for bath and shower products

At this point you may be asking yourself, “isn’t Mylar® the stuff they use on birthday balloons and emergency blankets?” And you know what…you’d be right. One iteration of the material–specifically an extremely thin metalized version–is used for just that purpose. The polyester labels we produce are slightly thicker at around 2 mil (0.002”) thick.

That said, Mylar® is just one brand of polyester film. Today in the polyester label industry there are many generic polyester options out there, and as a result, polyester labels is the more common reference, although Mylar® is still used interchangeably in some cases such as specification drawings.

The Versatility of Custom Polyester Labels 

In the end, regardless of whether you prefer Mylar® or custom polyester labels (or PET labels for that matter), what you get is a thin but very capable material. We have found uses for it across a wide range of industries including medical devices that are wiped down daily in a hospital environment; as durable serial numbers in industrial fabrication; as safety information on high-end light fixtures; and even as delicate price tags for high-end jewelry. It truly is a versatile, weatherproof material that we have daily experience converting and printing.

Waterproof Polyester Labels
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