Wire Labels and Wire Markers

At Coast Label, we understand the importance of efficient and organized wire management. Our wire labels and markers are designed to meet and exceed the high standards, ensuring legibility and durability. Whether you’re managing a complex electrical project or need to identify cables in a network, we’ve got you covered. 

Wire Labels and Markers

Why choose Coast Label to handle your wire and cable management needs? Our wire labels are designed to handle the toughest of industrial settings. Whether exposed to moisture, heat, or even chemicals, these wire labels are made to last. 

Plus, with Coast Label, you always have the option to customize your wire markers to suit your specific needs. Choose from a variety of materials, colors, and sizes to create labels that fulfill your industry standards. 

Our wire labels are designed for easy application, saving you time and effort while ensuring quick and accurate identification of wires. 

We can create wire labels and wire markers with the following capabilities: 

  • Self-laminating wire labels 
  • Wrap-around wire labels
  • P-shaped or t-shaped flag wire markers
  • Adhesive labels
  • Non-adhesive wire markers
  • Rotating wire labels
  • Heat-shrink wire sleeves

Cable Labels

Cable labels are adhesive labels that are designed to identify and organize cables in network management, IT, and other settings. They play a crucial role in cable management by providing a clear and systematic way to label and differentiate labels. Our cable labels are extremely durable and can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. 

Wires with Writing

Various Uses for Wire Labels

From electricians to IT professionals, people in numerous industries rely on our electrical wire markers and labels to organize their wires and cables. 

Here are some common uses for wire labels: 

  • Data center cable management: Data centers use wire markers and labels to identify network cables, ensuring efficient organization and quick identification during maintenance or troubleshooting. Plus, wire labels help facilitate tracing of cables, which reduces the risk of errors and minimizes downtime. 
  • Electrical installation: Electricians rely on electrical wire labels to clearly mark wires with information such as voltage, phase, or function. This ensures proper installation and also helps electricians identify the right wires during maintenance. 
  • Telecommunications: Wire labels can be used to label internet and telephone wires to streamline network management. This ensures that the correct cables are connected during installation or maintenance to reduce internet and phone downtime. 
  • Manufacturing: In industrial settings like manufacturing plants, electrical wire markers are used to clearly identify wires and electrical components to prevent accidents. 
  • Networking: IT departments use wire labels to organize and identify computer cables and connections in the office. Additionally, electrical wire labels simplify cable management in server rooms for easy maintenance and upgrades. 
  • Healthcare: In healthcare settings, wire labels and markers can be used to organize and identify medical equipment cables. 
  • Events: Concerts, plays, and comedy shows all rely on audio-visual equipment. Wire markers keep audio-visual cables organized and facilitate quick setup and dismantling of equipment.  
  • Aerospace and automotive: Wire labels simplify the maintenance of aircraft and vehicles by clearly identifying what each wire does. Our electrical wire labels and labels can be made to withstand the extreme conditions seen in aerospace and automotive settings.
Wrapped Wire Labels

Wire Label Sizes

Finding the right fit for your wire labels is an important part of the label design. Too small, and they wrap around the entire wire. But labels that are too large may not stay put. We offer wire labels in three standard sizes:

  • 50mm x 50mm (for wires with a diameter of 5-10mm)
  • 75mm x 50 mm (for wires with a diameter of 10-15mm)
  • 100mm x 50 mm (for wires with a diameter of 15-25mm)

However, if you have unique needs, we can customize your electrical wire markers to your needs! In general, self-laminating wire labels need to be about 6.5 times the diameter of the wire, while wrap-around labels need to be around 3.5 times the diameter of the wire. If your wires are very thick, you might consider using a wire tag attached with cable ties. 

What Information Can Be Included?

Because wire labels and markers are generally on the small side, the amount of information on these labels may be limited. You’ll need to consider the purpose of the wire and any industry-specific requirements when choosing what to include. Here are some common types of information that can be included on wire labels:

  • Circuit information, including voltage, phase, and current
  • Functional details like the purpose of the wire and destination
  • Color coding to help with quick visual identification of wires
  • Technical specifications, including wire gauge, conductor material, and insulation type
  • Date and installation details
  • Compliance information, such as if the wire meets specific industry standards or regulatory requirements
  • Serial numbers, codes, or unique identifiers to help track each wire
  • Maintenance information, such as last date of maintenance or inspection and service history
  • Symbols and icons to represent specific electrical characteristics
  • Barcodes or QR codes to encode more information in a smaller space and to automate tracking and scanning
  • Customized information, like project-specific details and custom application notes 

If you’re ready to organize and label your wires and cable, Coast Label is here to help! Our wire labels and markers can help you take your organization to the next level. We’ll work with you one-on-one to design the perfect wire markers for your unique needs.

I’m happy that this process has gone more smoothly than I had first anticipated. You provide great guidance and explanation, which is critical for an order like this that’s so industry-specific and not easy to figure out!

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