Custom Label Kits

Integrated product label “kits” are sets of two or more labels nested together on the same sheet or roll. This saves on additional setup fees when running more than one label. Kits are a great solution when a product or piece of equipment requires more than one label.

At Coast Label we can run the labels together to simplify your inventory while adding the important benefit that all labels on a single unit match exactly in color and face stock.

Label kits often include warning labels, instruction labels, product information labels, UL labels, or a combination. Label kits are frequently employed in situations where product liability concerns dictate an assurance that all labels will be placed on a product.

Another form of kit customers often request is the packaging of multiple different label rolls or sheets together in specific quantities in a single box for use in specific manufacturing batches or special projects such as inventory rotation.

Label Kit advantages include:

  • Perfect color register across different labels
  • Easy label inventory management
  • Verification of label application with “spent” sheet
  • Simple to include application instructions with labels
Kit of labels on sheet

Our Custom Label Kits

Integrated product label kits contain two or more labels run together on the same sheet or roll, saving any additional setup time or expenses involved with running more than one label. Custom label kits are a great solution where one product or piece of equipment requires more than one label. They often include warning labels, instructional information, product information, and more.

So what features and benefits do Label Kits have to offer?

Standard Features:

  • Any size, shape, color, or design
  • Material unique to your application requirements
  • UV resistance
  • Custom die-cut shapes
  • All-purpose permanent and removable adhesives

Custom Label Kit Common Uses:

  • Ladders
  • Appliances
  • Machinery
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Danger/Warning labels

User Benefits of Label Kits:

  • One tool for multiple die-cut parts
  • Peace of mind in knowing that all labels have been applied to the product
  • Enhanced set up efficiency
  • The consistent appearance between all the labels
  • Simplified inventory control and re-ordering

Optional Features

  • UL recognition
  • Overlamination for additional ink protection
  • Variable information
  • Barcodes
  • High-performance adhesives
  • Multiple holes or die cuts

The bottom line: As experts in manufacturing custom Label Kits, we will guide you through the process of choosing the best option to fit your custom label application.

The Coast Label manufacturing progress is great. They are my go-to label manufacturer for complex printing jobs, including all my medical equipment labels.

Nick Derkacz
Proforma Printing Corporation
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