Digital label printing works great for a variety of situations and uses. Custom digital labels are pressure-sensitive labels manufactured with top-of-the-line digital (as opposed to other print methods such as flexography) printing technology. At Coast Label, all of the labels we print, are customized to what you need. Our durable digital label equipment gives us another arrow in our quiver to deliver you the various shapes, sizes, shapes, and paper types you may require. Specialization is the name of the game here.

Digital labels offer the benefits of high-quality print, but simultaneously provide the freedom to handle variable information and multiple copies in a more efficient and economical manner. Depending on your needs, it can be easy to realize how important digital capabilities will be for your project. Request a proposal to see what we can do for you with custom digital labels.

Benefits of Digital Labels at Coast Label

Not all digital equipment is the same. While digital labels come with a plethora of benefits, there are choices companies make depending on their equipment. At Coast Label we prioritized equipment that maximized durability, appearance, and variable data capabilities. Here are some of those benefits for you:

Highly Durable Inks

  • Advanced formulation gives you outdoor reliability with 5-year color fade resistance
  • Capable of performing without the need for lamination, unlike most digital inks
  • Compares to the durability of screen printing, but at a reduced price point
  • UL 969 compliant constructions

Sophisticated Appearance

  • UV inks capable of printing CMYK and matching Pantone colors with superior repeatability
  • Offers special effects including: high gloss, matte, foils and holographic finishes on a variety of substrates
  • Capable of printing highly opaque white or subtle textured patterns to enhance the look of your label

Variable Data Printing

  • Text, graphics, numbers and barcodes can increment from one printed piece to the next
  • Consecutive data can print in colors- not just black
  • Barcodes are verified against the ANSI standard for verified repeatability


Due to our selection of equipment, custom digital labels from Coast Label are a fantastic choice for a wide range of varying applications and uses. These labels are great for industrial and UL applications while functioning just as well as part of a beautiful marketing campaign. With our Durst 330 E and its digital configuration, we can provide you with more custom-label solutions at the high level of quality you have come to expect.

Are Digital Labels Right For You?

When you need labels for your company, it can quickly become hard to decipher what technology best suits your needs. There is digital, flexography, and more. Our Durst digital label printing can be great when you need short runs quickly. It’s also really great for complicated designs and harsh applications. But Flexography brings its own advantages. So, which fits best? That’s where Coast Label steps in. We are consultants through and through. We know the questions to ask and the advantages to consider. In the end digital printing is but one tool we have to ensure your project success.

Custom Digital Label Printing

We’re able to make durable custom digital labels for you as custom as you want and need. We offer a free consultation to help determine what is the best printing process and label type for you. Contact us to request your proposal today!

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