PCB Labels

Custom PCB Labels

Coast Label works closely with industry-leading suppliers to provide you with a suite of custom label material options designed for PCB labels to succeed in the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing environment. We custom die-cut and print out these high-temperature coated polyimide materials to provide you optimized tracking and identification label solutions.

The pressure-sensitive adhesives have been formulated to remain attached to PCBs and components through reflow and wave solder processes, as well as high-pressure washes. And if you have a special application, depending on your needs, we can help you select the best fit, as we have a range of options that include:

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe materials that comply with the latest ANSI/ESD and JEDEC standards.
  • Flame retardant label materials tested to flammability, and smoke standards including UL94.
  • Coatings designed for increased ink adhesion without the need for a reflow oven to set the ink.

Capabilities of PCB Labels:

  • Adhesives with strong Ultimate Adhesion
  • High Durability construction
  • Materials that provide High Resolution and White Contrast
  • ESD Safe material options
  • Flame Retardant material options tested to UL 94 VTM0
  • Materials designed for specifically Non-Reflow soldering processes
PCB Label on Circuit Board

I’m happy that this process has gone more smoothly than I had first anticipated. You provide great guidance and explanation, which is critical for an order like this that’s so industry-specific and not easy to figure out!

Christine Pope
American Aldes Ventilation Corporation
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