Domed Labels and Domed Stickers

If you’re looking for a way to promote your business, custom domed labels can really help. These labels are a fantastic way to really impress your clients, potential customers, and help get your brand out there.

Domed labels work well on just about any kind of product. However, there are some products and surfaces. We can make your labels for your laptop, bottles, booths at conventions, and more.

At Coast label, we make domed labels and domed stickers with a thick, crystal-clear, polyurethane dome. This provides you with a highly durable and unique appearance that enhances your brand. This “dome” protects the printing and provides a 3D label.

We can help you choose the right materials to make sure your domed labels are produced to your exact specifications. We specialize in custom labels and that means we can make them for you in various sizes and shapes to meet your needs and specifications.

Information about Domed Labels

Our high-quality domes to give your labels a nice 3D look. But what else makes domed labels and tags special? For starters, all of them are weather-resistant from the dome down to the base material.

Here’s a list to give you a little more information about some of the benefits of domed labels:

  • Available with either high resolution full-color (CMYK) printing or spot Pantone® colors for color fidelity
  • Strong, long-lasting polyurethane coating that help resist UV fading and degradation
  • Water-resistant with a strong industrial grade adhesives
  • Custom sizes, shapes, and colors
Custom Domed Labels

Custom Domed Labels

With our specialty equipment, we can create dome labels and stickers to suit your unique needs. Other label companies may offer dome labels, but no one can match the degree of customization we offer. Whether you’re looking for a standard shape in non-standard size or a unique shape, we’ve got you covered. 

At Coast Label, you can get custom domed labels in: 

  • Custom shapes: More than just squares and rectangles, we can create a custom shape for your dome stickers. 
  • Custom size: Because of our specialty equipment, we can manufacture dome labels for you in unique sizes outside of the standard. 
  • Custom colors: Whether you need a specific color matched or just need vibrant colors, you can count on Coast Label for custom colors. 

What Are Domed Labels?

Domed labels, also called dome labels and domed stickers, are 3D label or sticker that is coated with a clear polyurethane. The polyurethane is poured over a printed label, which results in a domed effect once cured. The dome coating protects the label, making it extra durable in a number of extreme environments. 

3D domed labels are often used as a unique way to catch the customer’s attention. The glossy polyurethane mixed with the 3D coating makes domed stickers irresistible. Custom domed stickers add a premium look to your products, raising their perceived value. 

Domed labels are often used on luggage, laptops, water bottles, home appliances, heavy machinery, corporate gifts, promotional materials, and more.

Types of Domed Labels and Stickers

Domed labels and domed stickers usually come in two types: flexible and extra flexible. The difference is in the type of polyurethane used. 

  • Flexible: Flexible 3D domed labels work well for flat surfaces. The material is flexible and self-healing and can stretch without losing its shape. 
  • Extra flexible: Extra flexible 3D domed labels work for slightly curved surfaces. The material is more flexible and can be stretched further without tearing or becoming misshapen. 

Advantages of Domed Labels

Domed labels are a unique way to enhance your branding and product identification. Here are some of the benefits of dome stickers and labels: 

  • Aesthetic appeal: The glossy, three-dimensional appearance of domed labels adds a premium look, which can help your products stand out on store shelves. 
  • Durability: The clear polyurethane resin used in 3D domed labels provides extra protection for your label. They are resistant to scratching, fading, and a number of extreme conditions, which means they’ll stay in good condition for an extended period. 
  • Weather resistance: Domed stickers are resistant to outdoor elements like UV rays and moisture. Unlike other types of materials, dome stickers won’t yellow over time. 
  • Professional appearance: These labels make products and packaging look more professional and convey a sense of quality and value to customers. 
  • Tactile experience: The 3D element of domed stickers gives these labels a touchability factor that customers love. 
  • Self-healing: Even after the polyurethane is fully cured, domed labels are self-healing. When scratched or cut, the material returns to its original shape so that it continues to look fresh.

When to Use

  • Premium products: Domed labels add a high-quality look to products and can be a great addition to luxury or high-end items. 
  • Branding: Domed labels can make your products distinctive and instantly recognizable, helping you create a strong sense of brand recognition. 
  • Durable labeling: Domed labels work very well in extreme environments where a durable label is required. Industrial equipment or outdoor products utilize domed labels for this reason. 
  • Logo emphasis: If your logo is a crucial part of your branding strategy, a dome label can highlight it to ensure the logo is memorable.

Disadvantages of Domed Labels

Domed labels and domed stickers are a really fun way to catch your customers’ attention. However, there are some drawbacks. Here are some disadvantages of domed labels; 

  • Cost: Dome labels and stickers cost more than standard flat labels. 
  • Thickness: Domed labels are much thicker than flat labels, which is a disadvantage if space is a concern. 
  • No matte options: The clear polyurethane used to create domed stickers is glossy. This can be considered a disadvantage if you want a matte appearance for your labels. 
  • Limited print detail: The clear resin layer sometimes distorts fine print or intricate designs. 
  • Surface limitations: While domed stickers are versatile, they might not adhere well to certain surfaces or materials.

When Not to Use

  • Budget constraints: If you’ve got a tight budget, domed labels may not be the right choice. There are other eye-catching ways to label your products and save money. 
  • Space limitations: Domed labels are thicker because of the coating of polyurethane. If your product has limited space, you may be better off with a flat label. 
  • Surface compatibility: Domed labels are versatile and can be used on flat or slightly curved surfaces, even if they’re a little bit rough. However, if your surface is very uneven or very curved, you may want to consider a different type of label.

Components of Domed Labels 

Dome labels and dome stickers are made of four different layers. These layers ensure that the 3D domed label stays pristine for a long time. Here are the components of a domed label: 

  • Crystal-clear polyurethane dome: Polyurethane is poured on top of the printed label. Once cured, the polyurethane creates a dome or bubble effect on the label. 
  • Material: Domed labels work with a variety of materials, from paper or plastic to foil. 
  • Adhesive layer: Because dome stickers are heavier than typical flat stickers, they require a heavier-duty adhesive. Our application specialists will work with you to choose the appropriate adhesive for your application. 
  • Backing: The backing protects the adhesive until you’re ready for application. 

I’m happy that this process has gone more smoothly than I had first anticipated. You provide great guidance and explanation, which is critical for an order like this that’s so industry-specific and not easy to figure out!

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