What do Quality Control Labels do?

Quality control labels are important components of a well functioning system. But experience has taught us that they only work if designed right. Consider the following:

  • Are they only in place during the manufacturing process? You may want a removable adhesive that peels off cleanly at the end of the process.
  • Trying to prevent a calibration from being moved? You may want a tamper-evident construction.
  • Are their notes being added in the field? A material that accepts the type of markers or pens being used in the field is critical.

Let us consult with you to help design the right label–one designed to work within your system–can make compliance and quality control efforts easier. Below are just some of the many systems we have manufactured product for:

  • Verify tools, equipment, and machinery have been properly calibrated
  • Tag incoming and outgoing product
  • Mark shipments as RoHS or Lead-Free Compliant

Capabilities of Quality Control Labels:

  • Waterproof materials
  • Scuff resistant markings
  • High visibility materials
  • Accepting of handwriting
  • Tamper evident materials
Quality Control

Quality, regulatory, engineering, marketing, branding, sales, order processing, fulfillment, supply chain management—all of those things are important in this business. When I look for a vendor I am looking for somebody that can understand all those other elements as well. Coast Label does a great job of understanding and fulfilling those requirements.

William Arnold
Swan Valley Medical Incorporated
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