Custom Inventory Tags

Custom inventory tags, used in tandem with a management system, help you keep a more accurate count of your inventory. From automating your process to reducing manual errors, inventory tags come with many benefits to your business.

What are Inventory Tags?

Inventory tags are labels or metal plates printed with your company information and a barcode. They are used for tracking inventory from the moment it arrives in your care to the point it reaches the customer.

Some companies scan each item manually, while others are connected to a system of scanners that automatically updates the inventory count. Whatever method you use, you can count on inventory tags from Coast Label to stay in place through the rigors of shipping and handling.

Using only the highest-quality materials, we’ll help you design custom inventory tags that will fulfill your company’s unique needs.

Main Uses of Inventory Tags

Stock tags are a simple solution to many complex problems. In fact, there are a huge number of ways inventory tags can be used to make running your business easier. Here are some of the main uses of inventory tags:

  • Tracking inventory: In the era of online shopping, customers expect frequent updates on their orders. Inventory tags make it possible to track goods through the entire process of shipping. When an order is placed, inventory tags make it easier for goods to be located and orders to be packed. Once the order is shipped, all it takes is a simple scan of the barcode for the location of the order to be updated.
  • Counting inventory: Counting inventory by hand is a waste of valuable time and usually results in many errors. Adhesive inventory tags make the process faster and less error-prone.
  • Asset management: Inventory tags are useful in tracking and managing your assets. Your warehouse inventory probably makes up a large portion of your company’s assets. Keeping your most recent inventory counts updated in your asset management software helps you track your assets and use that information to make important decisions.

Benefits of Inventory Tags

Although they may seem simple, inventory tags come with a number of benefits for your company. Here are some of the many benefits of using stock tags:

  • Improved accuracy: Inventory counts done by hand are very error-prone. However, the use of barcode stock tags reduces the number of errors made, leading to more accurate counts.
  • Improved efficiency: Inventory counts become much more efficient with the use of custom inventory tags.
  • Decreased shrinkage: With all of your inventory labeled, it’s much harder to lose products. Stock tags also discourage employee theft. As a result, your business will see a decrease in shrinkage.
  • Seamless reporting: When used with an inventory management system, reporting of inventory counts and other important data is seamless. As items are scanned in or out, the software updates the most current data. Quarterly or annual reports are easy to put together with a few clicks of the mouse. More accurate data also helps you better make decisions about your inventory.

Business that Benefit from Inventory Tags

When you think of inventory, the first business that comes to mind might be an online or in-store retailer. However, many other businesses keep an inventory and benefit from the use of inventory tags.

  • Retailer: Keeping track of the inventory onhand, using inventory tags, helps retailers manage the amount of inventory they have. Ordering too much at a time causes problems with space, while ordering too little will lead to items running out of stock. Using custom inventory tags with an inventory management system helps retailers find the right balance.
  • Healthcare: From hospitals to pharmacies, keeping the right supplies on hand is incredibly important. Barcode inventory tags help keep an up-to-date count of supplies, letting administrators know when it’s time to reorder. And with so much expensive medical equipment, inventory tags help protect hospitals and clinics from theft.
  • Education: Educators rely on technology to enhance the learning of their students. Much of the equipment is passed from room to room and even sent home with students. Inventory tags help educators keep track of assets as well as prevent loss.
  • Utility: Utility companies rely on inventory tags for managing the repair of their equipment. Because utility equipment is often exposed to harsh conditions, extremely durable inventory tags are needed.
  • Telecom and cable: Telecom and cable companies use inventory tags to keep track of spare parts used to repair equipment.

Types of Inventory Tags

  • Destructible vinyl: Adhesive inventory tags made of destructible vinyl cannot be removed without breaking and tearing, which prevents fraud and theft.
  • Anodized aluminum tags: Custom inventory tags made on anodized aluminum hold up to the harshest conditions for years.
  • Tamper-evident labels: Tamper-evident inventory tags show when inventory has been tampered with, which can be especially important in pharmacies and other medical facilities.
  • Two-part labels: Two part labels come with a barcode and your company information with a removable tag that includes a matching ID number. These are especially handy for keeping track of information in the office, pharmacy, or doctor’s office.
  • Removable inventory tags: Removable inventory tags come off cleanly without leaving behind any residue.
  • Pre-numbered inventory tags: Pre-numbered inventory tags are numbered sequentially for easy organization.
  • Inventory reorder tags: Inventory reorder tags include information on the product that needs to be reordered, such as item number, strength, size, etc. Typically, they are attached to the inventory at the point where a re-order would need to be remade.

Custom Inventory Tags

At Coast Label, we take pride in manufacturing custom inventory tags that are durable and will meet your exact needs. Working with our application specialists, you can customize material and adhesive used for your inventory tags to ensure they will adhere properly and endure tough conditions. We use only the best materials and the best processes to manufacture custom inventory tags for you.

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