Sterilization Labels

Whatever type of sterilization you’re using–autoclave sterilization, gamma sterilization, ETO gas sterilization, or dry heat–you need sterilization labels that will endure the rigors of the sterilization process. At Coast Label, we’ll help you engineer sterilization labels customized to your unique needs. We use only the best, industrial-grade materials and adhesives to ensure that your labels will stay put.

The history of sterilization in medical care goes back to about 200 AD, when the Roman medical practitioner Galen boiled his instruments before working on wounded patients. Today, sterilization techniques are more sophisticated and varied. Great care goes into keeping sterilized instruments sterile, as well as keeping track of what has been sterilized. Because of this, sterilization indicator labels play an important role in the sterilization process.

Sterilization Indicator Labels

The sterilization of used instruments and linens in healthcare settings prevents the spread of infectious disease. Keeping track of what has been sterilized is of the utmost importance. Sterilization labels quickly indicate what has and hasn’t been sterilized so that contaminated instruments are not mistakenly reused.

No matter the process used, sterilization uses high heat or harsh substances in order to kill microbes. In order to stay put and hold up against these extreme environments, sterilization labels have to be strong. Labels that peel off or become illegible during sterilization are a waste of money.

At Coast Label, we use only the strongest materials and adhesives to manufacture your sterilization labels. Working with you one-on-one, we’ll help you engineer sterilization labels that will fulfill your unique needs.

Types of Sterilization Labels

As a custom label manufacturer, Coast Label is able to engineer sterilization labels that fit the exact needs of your hospital, lab, or clinic. Here are some of the types of sterilization labels we can produce:

  • SPS Medical spore testing labels
  • Autoclave indicator labels
  • Gamma radiation sterilization indicator labels
  • ETO gas sterilization labels

Using only industrial-grade materials, we can manufacture labels that are heat-resistant, chemical resistant, and waterproof to ensure their durability through the sterilization process. Plus, you can also customize your sterilization labels by size, shape, and color.

Sterile Medication Labels

Did you know that around 70% of medication errors occur due to “syringe swaps”? Because of this, strict regulations exist to ensure the proper labeling of medications. Medications used during surgery, such as anesthesia, must follow the labeling requirements while also using sterile labels. Sterile medication labels help anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, and all others involved in surgery communicate effectively and administer the correct medications to their patients.

At Coast Label, we can manufacture sterile medication labels and other sterile label solutions to suit your needs, including:

Custom Sterilization Labels

The sterilization process has to be harsh in order to kill microbes and keep patients safe. When you need sterilization labels that will last through the extremes of sterilization, you can count on Coast Label. Using only industrial-grade materials and adhesives, we’ll manufacture high-quality sterilization labels to suit your specific needs. Contact Coast Label today for your free proposal.

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