Permanent Labels

When you need custom permanent labels, Coast Label has you covered. Industrial conditions require industrial strength materials, and we use nothing but the best. You can be sure that your permanent labels will stay put and last through industrial conditions. Whether you need permanent labels for metal, equipment, tools, or even plastic, we can help you engineer the perfect labels.

Permanent adhesive labels use a strong adhesive that, once applied, sticks permanently. Unless specifically engineered, permanent stickers are not repositionable, and definitely not removable without destroying the label or the surface. Over time, the adhesive bond grows stranger, so you can be sure your permanent labels will stay put. The substrate used depends on the application of your permanent labels. For example, labels subject to high temperatures will need a different material than labels placed outdoors. At Coast Label, we offer one-on-one assistance from our application specialists to help you engineer the perfect permanent labels and stickers. Read on to learn more about how we can customize your permanent labels.

Custom Permanent Labels

When it comes to designing your custom permanent labels, you want to get it just right. From size, to shape, to adhesive, all of the details matter. At Coast Label, we can help you engineer custom permanent labels that will perform in industrial conditions. Here are just some of the capabilities of our custom permanent labels:

  • Heat proof
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Custom size
  • Custom shapes
  • Color match using the Pantone matching system

We have a vast library of die cuts as well as a plotter-cutting tool, meaning we can manufacture custom permanent stickers in just about any shape. Our application specialists will expertly help you choose the right combination of adhesive, substrate, and overlamination to make sure you’re getting truly permanent labels.

Permanent Labels for Metal

Matching the adhesive to the surface labels will be applied to is one of the most important parts of designing your permanent labels. For metal applications, we’ll help you pick an adhesive that will bond with the metal so your labels won’t peel off or curl at the edges.

Use your permanent labels for metal on:

  • Steel pipes
  • Curved metal surfaces
  • Automobile exteriors
  • Engine parts
  • Appliances
  • Boats and jetskis
  • Bicycles
  • AC Units
  • Gas meters
  • Trailers
  • Golf clubs
  • HVAC service labels

Permanent Labels for Equipment

Whether you’re labeling lab equipment or construction equipment, you need to be sure your permanent stickers are actually permanent. Conditions like extreme heat or exposure to water can wear down the materials and adhesives of your permanent labels. Working with our application specialists will help you be sure that your labels will endure.

Use your custom permanent stickers for:

  • Warning labels on construction equipment
  • Asset tags for laptops, tablets, computers, and other loaned assets
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment
  • Blowers
  • Industrial machinery
  • Office equipment

Permanent Labels for Tools

Your tools are an important asset for your company. Using permanent adhesive labels can help prevent asset loss, keep your employees safe, and more. Use permanent stickers for tools in the following ways:

  • Tool boxes
  • Drills and other power tools
  • Barcode labels
  • Tool calibration labels
  • Tamper-proof identification labels
  • Inspection labels
  • So much more

Permanent Labels for Plastic

Plastic can present a challenge for labels staying put. If the wrong adhesive is used, permanent stickers may curl up at the edges or completely fall off. The trick is to engineer the label based on the surface energy of the plastic. Low surface energy plastics such as polyethylene or polypropylene are smooth and soft, making adhesion especially difficult. Fortunately, we can help you pick the right adhesive so your permanent labels stay on permanently.

Some of our labeling capabilities for plastic include:

  • High surface energy (HSE) plastics
  • Low surface energy (LSE) plastics
  • Stickers and labels for hardhats
  • Garbage and recycling bin labels
  • Plastic storage bin labels
  • Daycare labels for toys and dishes
  • Permanent labels for chemical containers

When you purchase permanent labels, you expect them to stay put. Poorly engineered permanent labels will let you down, wasting your money and possibly putting people at risk. At Coast Label, we’ll help you engineer custom permanent labels and stickers that are actually permanent. From permanent labels for tools and equipment, to metal and plastic, our labels will stay put and last through industrial conditions. Contact Coast Label today for a proposal.

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